OJWC team carrie

Carrie Niesman

Club Advisor

Carrie is currently serving as the 2024-2025 Club Advisor of the Oswego Junior Woman’s Club. She joined the club in 2012 and has previously held several positions on the Executive Board. Carrie has lived in the Oswego area for over 45 years, residing with her husband Brian, and enjoys spending time with her boys, Steven (31) Michael (28), Jake (26) Joey (22), and Max (19) and her granddaughter Hazel (2) Carrie works at Old Second National and is currently Vice President Regional Manager for 10 branch locations. She has served as Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Oswego Chamber of Commerce as well as Chair for the Ambassador Committee for the Oswego Chamber. Carrie is currently serving on the Board of Commissioners for the Oswego Police Department and Casa Kendall Co. “I enjoy being involved in the community where I live and the many business relationships I have made. The main reason I joined OJWC is to be able to do something that I am passionate about through volunteering and giving back as much as I can to the community. I am very thankful to have met a diverse group of women that share that same passion and are looking to help do “our part” to give back where we can. I have met some amazing women in my 10 years in the club, and I am very excited to continue to be active in OJWC this year, and I am equally excited to see what positive impact our club can bring to our community.”