GFWC – IL Oswego Junior Woman’s Club

Funding Proposal

As part of our mission, OJWC provides funding for local non-for-profit organizations. To be considered, we request that all interested organizations complete and submit this funding proposal.

To be funded, an organization must be a local non-for profit organization that provides services which directly impact women and children in the Oswego and surrounding area. OJWC will not fund government agencies and typically will not fund organizations with a political or religious affiliation (except agencies that provide direct human services).

Funding Proposal Request

  • Phone:
  • Email
  • Tax Identification Number:
  • Are you a 501(c)3 organization? (if yes, please provide copy)
  • Please list the services your organization provides:
  • What are your other sources of funding?
  • Amount Requested?
  • Please list how your organization would use these funds:
  • If not selected to receive funding, would your organization be interested in having OJWC coordinate a Service Project for your organization?
  • If yes, please describe what service needs your organization may have:

**If your organization has an annual report, please submit with funding proposal

**Please submit NOT LATER THAN February 1st to:

Oswego Junior Woman’s Club, P.O. Box 374, Oswego, IL 60543